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Estate Olive Oil

Estate Olive Oil
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The rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley is the ideal location for olives, as well as wine. The climate here in the Sierra Foothills is quite similar to that of Tuscany, and our 200+ olive trees thrive in this Mediterranean climate. Our trees are cared for by our fabulous vineyard crew and olives are handpicked in the Italian tradition at just the peak of ripeness. Our winemaker directs the blending to create a luscious field blend that brings out the best in the oil. End result? Bliss; pure bliss.

Our 100% estate-grown extra virgin olive oil is perfect for salads, a dip for breads or in many recipes.

For you foodies and those that are curious, here are the types of olives and the reasons why you will find them in our oil. Enjoy!


  • Origin: Catalonia, Spain (Arbeca Village)
  • Characteristics: smooth, light, fruity aroma, sweet
  • Uses: ideal for sauces, pairs well with salads containing fruit


  • Origin: Central Italy (Latium region)
  • Characteristics: fruit and vegetable aroma with a rich aftertaste
  • Uses: meats, soups


  • Origin: Central Italy (Lazio region)
  • Characteristics: higher quality though lower oil content, bitter and spicy notes, low in acidity
  • Uses: salad dressings, bruschettas, soups, vegetable dishes


  • Origin: Italy (Puglia region)
  • Characteristics: bold yet low acidity
  • Uses: finishing oil for grilled meats or vegetables, bruschetta or toasted breads


  • Origin: Northern Italy (Trentino and Veneto regions)
  • Characteristics: light and aromatic, notes of pepper
  • Uses: fish and lamb


  • Origin: Central Italy (Tuscany)
  • Characteristics: stronger aftertaste than Leccino, buttery texture, fruity notes
  • Uses: best in lieu of butter for dishes


  • Origin: Southern Peloponnese, Greece
  • Characteristics: smooth, fruity notes with a peppery finish
  • Uses: dipping, salads, sautéing


  • Origin: Central Italy (Tuscany)
  • Characteristics: sweet and grassy, buttery texture, fruity aftertaste
  • Uses: salad dressing, dip for bread


  • Origin: Central Italy (Lucca province)
  • Characteristics: rich, buttery, fruity, very low acidity
  • Uses: bean soup, bruschetta, salad dressing


  • Origin: Southern Spain (Seville)
  • Characteristics: well balanced, desirable bitterness
  • Uses: savory dishes, grilled meats, marinades


  • Origin: Central Italy (Tuscany)
  • Characteristics: fruity flavor that begins sweet, balanced finish
  • Uses: garden salads, fish, sauces


  • Origin: San Diego, CA (brought from Mexico in 1769)
  • Characteristics: buttery and sweet
  • Uses: in lieu of butter, salmon, chicken, mix with herbs for bread dipping


  • Origin: Central Italy (Tuscany)
  • Characteristics: mild intensity, floral and herbal taste, grassy aroma, low bitterness
  • Uses: best with green vegetables like asparagus and broccoli


  • Origin: Southern France (Gard region)
  • Characteristics: well balanced and sweet
  • Uses: grilled fish, rice pilaf, risotto, other pastas


  • Origin: Northwestern Italy (Liguria)
  • Characteristics: buttery oil with hints of nuts, herbal flavor, fruity taste, light and sweet
  • Uses: fish, vegetables, bread dipping

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Pat Stafford's Gravatar
Pat Stafford
(Jul 11, 2021 at 6:58 PM)
Tried this at the winery and loved it so we purchased a bottle to try at home. OMG - delicious. Will be ordering some to get delivered in Oregon.

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